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Object Oriented Programming With TypeScript

Learn Object Oriented Programming (OOP) basics with TypeScript


TypeScript - the Basics

Learn the basics concepts required to be successful with TypeScript


Async Await Pro Tips

Write beautiful code with the async-await syntax for JavaScript Promises.


Apollo Server and GraphQL on Node.js Tutorial

Learn how to build a GraphQL API using ApolloServer 2.0 and Firestore


How to Test Firebase Cloud Functions With Jest

Learn how to apply test-driven development to your Firebase Cloud Functions environment with Jest and TypeScript.

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Google Cloud Vision With Ionic and Firebase - Not Hotdog App

Learn how to build the Not Hotdog app (Silicon Valley) using Ionic, Firebase, and Google Cloud Vision.


Shorten TypeScript Imports in an Angular Project

Learn how to use TypeScript path mapping to organize imports in your Angular Project to reduce annoying boilerplate code.


Ngrx With Firebase Auth Google OAuth Login

Learn how to use Google OAuth with Ngrx. In this lesson we manage the Firebase AuthState, login with Google, and logout.


Angular Ngrx Effects With the Firebase Realtime Database

Learn how to use NgRx Effects in Angular using the Firebase Realtime Database.


Angular Redux Quick Start With Ngrx

Get started building redux apps in Angular with ngrx. In this tutorial, we build a Redux app from scratch that will show you how to create, update, and debug a redux data store in Angular.


Angular Pipe to Shuffle Strings With JavaScript

A snippet that can shuffle strings with JavaScript (TypeScript), wrapped in an Angular Pipe

Use TypeScript and WebPack With Firebase Cloud Functions

Learn how to use TypeScript and Webpack in your Firebase Cloud Functions.


Seven Methods for Debugging Angular Applications

Seven different methods for debugging angular apps, including RxJS and Firebase debugging methods.