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Google Calendar API With Firebase

Retrieve and create Google Calendar events for your Firebase users.


How to Use Google APIs With Firebase Auth

Access Google APIs from Firebase with the gapi client library.

Introduction to RxFire - RxJS for Firebase

Take an early look at RxFire - A new official library from Firebase providing RxJS bindings for realtime streams.

131 - Angular End-to-End Testing Tutorial

Perform end-to-end testing in Angular with


How to Avoid Observable Flicker on Initialzation

Use the RxJS startWith operator to provide initial data to prevent flickering problems, using AngularFire user auth as an example.

Check if Current User Is Signed-in or for Data Existence With AngularFire

Snippet to check if current user exists in AngularFire2

Passwordless Authentication With Firebase for Web Apps

How to implement passwordless email-link authentication with Firebase and Angular


Ionic Google Login With Firebase and AngularFire

Firebase Google OAuth login with Ionic 3 and Ionic 4 for iOS and Android.


Coinbase OAuth With Firebase - Build Bitcoin Apps

Authenticate Firebase users with Coinbase to manage crypto currency wallets like Bitcoin and Ethereum.


Role Based Authorization With Firestore and Angular

Manage role-based authorization with Firestore NoSQL and Angular 5. Learn how to secure specific user activities with router guards and database rules.


Multi-Step Signup With Firebase Email Auth and Angular Reactive Forms

Take advantage of password auth in Firebase using a multi-step reactive form.


Firebase OAuth Login With Custom Firestore User Data

Learn how to save custom user data in Firestore after authenticating with Google OAuth


Ngrx With Firebase Auth Google OAuth Login

Learn how to use Google OAuth with Ngrx. In this lesson we manage the Firebase AuthState, login with Google, and logout.


User Presence System in Realtime - Online, Offline, Away

Learn how to show current user presence in realtime with statuses of online, away, or idle.


Role-Based User Access Control With Firebase

Give users specific permissions and roles with Firebase. Secure data on the frontend and backend with four different methods.


Firebase Phone Authentication With Angular 4 Tutorial

We will use the firebase JavaScript SDK directly to implement Phone auth in Angular 4.


Upgrading or Linking Firebase User Accounts

This snippet is useful for linking multiple accounts under the same Firebase UID with AngularFire2

Associate Firebase Users to Database Records

Learn several different ways to associate database records with users who authenticated via Firebase


Twitter Inspired Follow System With Firebase and Angular

Create a twitter-inspired follow unfollow system with Angular and Firebase


Custom Usernames With Firebase Authentication and Angular

Give Firebase users custom usernames after and validate them asynchronously


AngularFire2 Version 4 - Authentication Service

Auth Service Snippet for AngularFire2 v4

Firebase Auth Router Guard With Browser Refresh

This Angular4 auth guard blocks routes for unauthenticated users and will maintain the correct URL when the browser goes through a full refresh

Handle Forgot Password in Angular With Firebase

Snippet to Handle Forgot Password in Angular with Firebase

Angular Firebase Authentication Tutorial - Email Password Signup

Learn how to implement Firebase email/password auth into an Angular app.


Service for Authenticating Users via Firebase and Angular

This code handles most of the heavy lifting for Firebase user auth in Angular2+, including OAuth, Anonymous, and Email/Password providers

Router Guards to Redirect Unauthorized Firebase Users

Use Router Guards to Redirect Unauthorized Firebase Users from Specific Routes


Angular Firebase Authentication Tutorial - OAuth

This is part one of a three part series that covers how to implement OAuth Authentication in Angular 4.


Angular Firebase Authentication Tutorial - Anonymous Auth

Firebase anonymous authorization allows a user to start using your app with going through the typical registration process