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AngularFire2 Version 4 - Authentication Service

written by Jeff Delaney
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UPDATE October 12th, 2017: If you are using AngularFire2 v5.0.0 or later, or using the Firestore Database, check out the latest OAuth lesson Firebase OAuth with Custom Firestore Data. This tutorial is a complete update designed for Angular 5 and beyond.

The latest release of AngularFire2 (v4), has introduced several major changes that affect past lessons posted on this site. In a nutshell, the new version breaks auth and database into their own modules, and also simplifies the API to align more closely with the Firebase Web API. I think these are very positive changes for the package, BTW.

The service below has been completely rewritten work with Angular4 and AngularFire2. Make sure to check out the official AngularFire2 guide for more background on this update.