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Migration Guide for AngularFire V5 + Firestore

Learn how to upgrade from Angularfire2 version 4 to the awesome new features in version 5 with the Firestore document database.

Angular Phone Number Validation and E164 Formatting

Snippet to validate phone numbers with Angular4 with either reactive forms or template-driven forms.

Negative Timestamps to Sort Records in Firebase

Learn how to add negative timestamps to Firebase records to enable reverse sorting of large datasets.

Query Firebase Data With Angular Router URL Parameters

Use the Angular Router to make queries to the Firebase Realtime Database.

Angular Pipe to Shuffle Strings With JavaScript

A snippet that can shuffle strings with JavaScript (TypeScript), wrapped in an Angular Pipe

Router Transition Animations With Angular 4

Animate your route transitions with the router in Angular 4.2+

Animate a Component Based on Scroll Position Angular 4.2

An Angular 4.3 snippet that keeps track of the scroll position of a component and animates it into the view.

Custom Algolia Hits Widget to Integrate With Angular Directives

Build a custom hits widget that will save the InstantSearch results in an RxJS BehaviorSubject.

Upgrading or Linking Firebase User Accounts

This snippet is useful for linking multiple accounts under the same Firebase UID with AngularFire2

How to Reverse an Observable Array in Angular - AngularFire2 FirebaseListObservable

How to Reverse an Observable Array in Angular with a Custom Pipe

Firebase Storage Cloud Function - Image Thumbnail Generator

Snippet for creating image thumbnails in Firebase Cloud Functions with Sharp.

Trigger HTTP Cloud Functions From an Angular Component

Snippet showing you how to trigger an HTTP cloud function from an Angular Component

Firebase Cloud Function for Transactional Email With Sendgrid

An example of SendGrid integrated with Firebase cloud functions

AngularFire2 Version 4 - Authentication Service

Auth Service Snippet for AngularFire2 v4

Firebase Auth Router Guard With Browser Refresh

This Angular4 auth guard blocks routes for unauthenticated users and will maintain the correct URL when the browser goes through a full refresh

Handle Forgot Password in Angular With Firebase

Snippet to Handle Forgot Password in Angular with Firebase

Service for Authenticating Users via Firebase and Angular

This code handles most of the heavy lifting for Firebase user auth in Angular2+, including OAuth, Anonymous, and Email/Password providers