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Angular is an excellent frontend JavaScript framework, and adding Firebase to the mix can significantly reduce development time. I now use this stack exclusively to build web apps for my clients (such as ArtiFilter and FlashLawyer).

All lessons are designed to be modular and based on real examples (many from live production quality apps) so you can reuse the code in your own projects.

Let’s talk Angular on Slack

I would like to cordially invite you to join Angular Firebase Developers on Slack, where we talk about building apps with Angular 2+ and Firebase. Our mission is to help each other avoid roadblocks and get our apps launched into production.

FireStarter Demo App

FireStarter is a starter app based on Angular 4 that can serve as the foundation for more complex features. Clone it, or build it from scratch with these lessons. We often use it as a starting point for lessons.

Building Angular Firebase Apps and Features

These lessons focus on combining the frontend power of Angular with backend simplicity of Firebase.

Angular 4 and RxJs Basics

These lessons are strictly for Angular (no Firebase).

Advanced Lessons

We build advanced features that may include other APIs, such as Google Cloud Functions, Stripe Payments, AWS, Twilio, and more.

Ngrx Redux

Planned Lessons for the Future