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Jeff Delaney

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Jeff Delaney is a GoogleDevExpert for Firebase and the creator of When not writing code he is out seeking adventure with his wife, boys, and pug.

Recent Work

Angular Elements Advanced Techniques

Learn advanced techniques and performance tips for building web components with Angular Elements


TypeScript - the Basics

Learn the basics concepts required to be successful with TypeScript


The Real State of JavaScript 2018

Review of the State of JS Survey 2018


Cloud Scheduler for Firebase Functions

Use the Google Cloud Scheduler to create cron jobs that run Firebase Cloud Functions on a time schedule.


Testing Firestore Security Rules With the Emulator

Learn how to use the new Firestore emulator to write unit test for your security rules.


How to Use Git and Github

Learn the basics of Git and Github (and some pro tips) by creating your first pull request.


Infinite Virtual Scroll With the Angular CDK

Build an Infinite Virtual Scroll with the Angular CDK