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Arjun Yelamanchili

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Arjun is a full-stack developer and future blockchain billionaire based in Denver, CO

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Patrick Mullot

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Patrick is a part-time full-stack developer, with (too) many years of experience as a Project Developer and programmer. He now specializes in the Firebase ecosystem. When not in his tech-cave, he enjoys traveling and have long walks with his family and their 4 legged friends

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Jeff Delaney

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Jeff Delaney is a GoogleDevExpert for Firebase and the creator of When not writing code he is out seeking adventure with his wife, boys, and pug.

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Radi Cho

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Radi is a student, developing futuristic projects, websites and Android apps as a hobby. He also plays with ML, IoT, Cloud services and anything else that looks like the next big thing.

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Zack DeRose

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Zack is a Senior Software Team Lead for Angular Development at SwampFox. He also plays around with Game Development and Full-Stack Development in his spare time. When not in front of a computer, he’s enjoying an awesome simple life with his wife, his 5 kids, his grandson, and his dog.