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Five Examples of Angular 2 Apps in Production

written by Jeff Delaney
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Does anybody actually use Angular 2 in production? The answer as of 2017 is yes, and the rate of adoption is growing steadily. Let’s take a look at some of the top Angular 2.x (or Angular 4.x) apps on the web today. Currently, there are 170 stacks using Angular2 on StackShare. It still has a long way to go to catch up to React with 3.2K and and AngularJS with 5.4K, but it’s great to see the framework is being implemented in some high-profile products. Let’s take a look at some of the most impressive Angular2 progressive web apps.

Beam (

Angular2 used to build

Beam is a company based Bellevue, WA that specializes in video game live streams. Check out its flagship site,, and you’ll see how Angular can be used to rapidly load an interface that handles multiple live videos asynchronously. This is a great example how RxJS and Angular can manage complex data streams from a simple single page application.

FlashLawyer Chatbot

flash lawyer chatbot built with angular 2

FlashLawyer is a legal document generator with a chatbot interface. Angular2 controls the flow of chat messages between the user and the chatbot - the chatbot is powered by AWS Lex (Alexa). The interface also uses Firebase for data storage and authentication.


map integration with angular2

Hypertrack is a London-based platform for tracking vehicle mileage and user location on mobile devices. The company uses Angular2 to power its webapp, which integrates with the Leaflet map library. Yet another example of complex data streams being managed from a single page application.

ArtiFilter Photo Filters

angular app for applying photo filters

ArtiFilter is a photo filtering app that uses deep learning to mimic the art styles of famous painters. This app combines Firebase Storage and with Angular to facilitate simple file uploads from any device. The interface is an example of how Angular can essentially replicate the responsiveness and UX of a native iOS or Andriod mobile app.

new angular progressive web app

Ok, this one is obvious, but I feel like it deserves a mention. The new site was just launched in June 2017 and it showcases some .Most notably, it uses background workers to Cache resources and data, making much faster than most websites (and that’s without server side rendering). Give the search feature a try and you’ll see how user-friendly developer documentation can be.

Have Other Angular2 Examples?

Do you know of any other examples of Angular 2.x or 4.x apps in production? Please share them in the comments. We would love write a feature about your Angular project and experiences.